I wanna wake up with you

My Grandparents gave me an old record player sometime during the 1980s when I first started wanting to collect music.  It was an old one that played 78s and in time they gave me the accompanying record box too (or at least I think the red box I have was theirs). At the weekend I had this great idea for a blog post where I went through the old records that my Grandmothers left me and I found one that I am almost 100% sure that one of them loved and then took a picture of the sleeve.  However I searched all weekend to no avail. So either I am dreaming or I have put it somewhere safe.

Instead I am sharing a You Tube clip of the video of the record that I thought I was looking for. It’s the 1986 recording by Boris Gardner of ‘I wanna wake up with you’.  Whether my memory serves me correctly or not this is for you Granny Walsingham.  It’s happy, colourful and upbeat like I remember you and like you it makes me smile.  I used to call you my ‘super granny’ because you were so vibrant and energetic.


You might not know this but the last time I saw you I sat by your bed side, you mistaking me I think, for my Mum and as I drove away I cried deep deep tears because I knew I would never see you alive and smiling again. You brought sunshine in to so many people’s lives Evelyn Joan and that’s the way I will always remember you.

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