If older women were in charge we would have more beautiful gardens and would learn to take more time for tea…

CMM_GrandmaToday on the blog, just in time for Christmas some thoughts (and a beautiful video) from Christine Mason Miller a Santa Barbara based writer and artist who has been creating, writing and exploring ever since she was a little girl.  I ordered myself her book Desire to Inspire as a Christmas present to myself and I am looking forward to reading it over the Christmas holidays.  You can find Christine at  www.christinemasonmiller.com and contact here via christine@swirlygirl.com

What did the older women in your family or close circle teach you about life? To believe in myself.

How do you feel about getting older yourself? How do you want to feel? I want to experience it with acceptance. I want to be grateful for all the years I’m given.

Tell me about an older woman who inspires you (could be someone you have read about, know of have heard about) I traveled to Argentina with a large group a few years ago, and there were two women in their early 70s on the trip. I loved that they were still traveling and having adventures, and I remember thinking, “I hope I’m adventurous like they are when I’m older.”

What do you think your 70 old self would say to you now? Be grateful – for ALL OF IT.

How do you think the world might be different if older women were in charge? We would have more beautiful gardens and would learn to take time for tea.

Did you know your mother and grandmother if so what were there names and where we’re the from? what did they teach you? If not how did you lose them? Did you miss their presence in your life? One of my greatest influences is my grandma. Although she passed away in 2005, she is still a constant presence in my life – the woman I turn to for guidance and encouragement on a nearly daily basis.  I celebrate her in quirky little ways. I use old photographs of her in my mixed media pieces, have a cabinet of curiosities filled with small objects that once belonged to her, and have made videos from old footage of her and shared it on my website. I have a picture of her on my dresser, so I think of her everyday.

Lovebirds from Christine Mason Miller on Vimeo.

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