Listening to our Grandmothers: The Project

Listening to our Grandmothers started as an idea for a book. As the book came to life (it will be released next week), I felt more and more that I wanted to facilitate more opportunities for older womens’ stories be heard. It feels like something we all need no matter our age. I began to imagine more and more manifestations of this. Places where older women share their stories, are heard by each other and by younger women who can benefit from the wisdom and experience in the stories of women who have gone before them and work looking at models of leadership and community developed by older women in different parts of the world.

Then I shared some of my thoughts with a dear friend Aisha Hannibal who in turn shared her vision of researching the traditions of older women in South America and of creating circles specifically for older women where they can share their stories with each other.

I always knew I wanted any profit from selling this book to support projects that worked with women and so was born an idea. Any profits from this book (60%) of the sale price will be used to fund the start up of a longer term project with the working title ‘Listening to Our Grandmothers’.

We envisage this work getting off the ground when we have sufficient funds from the proceeds from this book and other potential sources to support research and development of some of these activities.

If you are interested in and would like to stay in touch with this work please sign up for the Listening to our Grandmothers mailing list HERE.

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